Lash & Brow Serum – for longer and thicker eyelashes

Do you have thin eyelashes that fall out quickly? Do you want longer eyelashes that are a blink away and thicker eyebrows for more expression around the eye area? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, our My Lash & Brow serum can help.  This blog post covers the topic of eyelash […]

Active Skincare versus Plastic Surgery

Aging Fact Check No one can beat gravity in the long run. Until a time machine is invented or someone discovers the fountain of youth, we won’t get our younger selves back. It’s also a fact that aging is more difficult for women. Meaning, women over 40 are still heavily underrepresented in the media. Even […]

W.O.W. Eye Cream – the Science Behind the Name

Thank you for all the wonderful feedback you leave under our W.O.W. Eye Cream. To be quite frank, this cream is more than just WOW – can we give it a double WOW? There is so much behind this name! On a side note: Dominik, our chemist kindly explained to us that W.O.W. has definitely […]

4 Common Skincare Mistakes to Avoid

“Gently dab a fingertip of cream to both the under and upper eye area” … but how about my moisturizer, how much cream goes on my face? Is it the serum or the eye cream that comes after cleansing my skin? The order that you apply skincare makes a real and significant difference to your […]

When Hyaluronic Acid Meets Vitamin C

The Idea When our Innovation Partner at Acasia Skincare and our chemist Dominik B. created the C The Difference Hyaluronic Triple Serum their focus was on creating a serum for every age group, starting with anyone experiencing their first sign of ageing – and yes – this starts as early as 20+ – and focusing […]