4 Common Skincare Mistakes to Avoid

“Gently dab a fingertip of cream to both the under and upper eye area” … but how about my moisturizer, how much cream goes on my face? Is it the serum or the eye cream that comes after cleansing my skin?

The order that you apply skincare makes a real and significant difference to your skin. How sad is it, if the most effective product can’t fulfill the most effective result, just because we don’t follow the correct order of layering?! 

Let’s work this out together to get the best results on your skincare regimen.

1. Skincare Layering 

Let’s assume you are done cleansing your face – an easy rule to consider is that you should apply products based on thickness. Water-based, light moisturizers / serums first, then comes your thicker and oil-based moisturizers, your face oil goes last. 

Conclusion: Serum first, moisturizer afterward. 

If your eye cream is richer and heavier than your moisturizer, it should go on top. If it’s lighter than your serum, make sure it goes under your moisturizer.1 – Smaller molecules go first!

Serums are mostly lightweight formulations with active ingredients. Their textures can vary, from a light lotion, a gel-like texture or even light, quick absorbing oil. They focus on your skincare concerns2 and are also known to be the more expensive skincare product in your regimen. Various serums address various skin concerns, such as dehydration and anti-aging. Our lightweight C The Difference Serum is based on three types of hyaluronic acid: high, low and cross-linked with vitamin C – designed for dehydrated skin that deserves a boost.

Find out more about our triple hyaluronic acid C The Difference Serum here.

Now it’s time for that moisturizer – or even face oil. Even with oily skin, don’t skip your moisturizer, simply use a light or oil-free one. Depending on the season, you can use a serum only or add a moisturizer after your serum for the extra protection of dryness. Yes, even oily skin needs hydration! But overall remember that a moisturizer locks in hydration.

Sunscreen 411: If you have a skincare regimen, your sunscreen comes at the end – after skincare and before makeup. SPF products block sun’s rays. Make sure your SPF is 30 or higher. We don’t recommend moisturizers with included SPF coverage – they are held very low when it comes to sun’s ray protection. 

2. Portion Control

Take notes on this “how to use-recipe”: 

More is not always better – i.e. your skin can only absorb this much of active ingredients, so don’t think to do the math and add thicker layers of serum or moisturizer onto your skin. Depending on the skin area that is being covered, just a few drops of that goody-goody is very much enough.

Picture a grape — 1 – 2 grapes are perfectly fine for our AHA Wash Away Gel Cleanser to cleanse your face.

They say pine nuts are healthy, the size of a pine nut is perfectly fine to cover the area around your eyes with your go-to eye cream.  

A serum is easy to use – they usually come with a dropper. If you have a dropper serum, 3-5 drops should do the work. If you have a pump we recommend 2 pumps or a pea-size amount. 

Blueberries are yum and easy to remember when we apply our moisturizer onto the face and dekolleté – 2 blueberry size portions are good to go! 

Dimi’s Tip:

With the excess face cream in your hands, rub it on your elbows or knees or even your feet. We tend to forget the most dry spots of our body. This way you don’t “waste” the excess cream in your hands. 

My friends always ask me why my skin is so soft, my secret is now revealed – add your cream/ lotion – in winter it’s all about body oils, right after your wash. You can feel how the skin absorbs the cream/ oil so much faster. Give it a try and tell us in the comments below about your experience. Xx Dimi.

Hungry yet?

Let’s move on to the next hot topics. 

3. Constant Change Of Products

Constantly changing your skincare products is not very beneficial. It takes time for your skin to get used to the product, it takes time for the product to show results – that’s why we call it a skincare routine, right?!

A very frequently asked question we get to hear is, “How long does it take to see results?”.

We are talking here about your skin, the largest organ of the body – it’ll take about one regeneration-cycle. Meaning, we are looking here at a time frame of ca. 1 month or sometimes even longer. It takes about 1 month for the epidermis, the very top layer of your skin to turn over. 

One important thing to note, yes there can be a difference in your day and night time routine. We recommend adding exfoliators, masks, acne blemish/ spot on lotions, retinol products, peels at night time. Don’t start “masking” daily, but 1-2/ week is a good amount for your skin to revitalise. Kindly, don’t forget about your routined cleanser, moisturizer, eye cream and even toner if necessary. 

So, when you wake up – you will have that healthy looking glow on your skin. Obviously, it had quite some time to give you that fresh-effect during your sleep.

We highly recommend you not to change your everyday skin care products unless you have some sort of allergic reaction or you are experiencing discomfort. 

We do think it is beneficial for your skin to change the skincare routine based on seasons. Let your skin breath in the summer – add light textured products, as you won’t experience too much skin dryness. Whereas in winter time, give your skin that extra TLC – protect it and add your thick moisturizer on your skin. 

Try listening to your skin, if your skin becomes too oily, change to a lighter moisturizer and if your skin is dry and cracked, add that thicker moisturizer and hydrating oils. We recommend applying your face cream/ body lotion right after you wash your face/ drop out of the shower, to lock in as much moisture as possible. 

4. Applying Your Face Cream Correctly

“Use your fingertips, tap it on, gently dabbing, circular motions, don’t add pressure, add more pressure…” – we’ve heard it all!  

Check out our step-by-step guide we have put together for you and tap on that cream like a pro!

We really hope that this little guide was helpful for your skincare routine. We want you to gain the maximum out of your products. 

Are you still searching for your ideal skincare routine? 

Check out our 3-Step Regimen Set. This set includes a combo of all essential skincare products : 

  • AHA Wash Away Gel Cleanser, a gentle Alpha Hydroxy Acid cleansing gel with immense results delivering an even, pigment-free glow after every use.
  • The triple hyaluronic acid serum C The Difference is a lightweight, easy to use moisturising serum with vitamin C for a smooth, even skin tone and to promote natural elasticity.
  • The day & night cream Collagen Boost Cream, that helps to maintain the skin’s regeneration of fresh collagen and harmonize the appearance of the skin.

Gosh, we can’t wait for all your questions and comments below. Don’t be shy, we are here for you!

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