Lash & Brow Serum – for longer and thicker eyelashes

Do you have thin eyelashes that fall out quickly? Do you want longer eyelashes that are a blink away and thicker eyebrows for more expression around the eye area? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, our My Lash & Brow serum can help.

 This blog post covers the topic of eyelash and brow growth serums. Additionally, stay tuned for valuable tips for long and thicker eyelashes and eyebrows.

Eyelash growth – how serums support growth

Eyelashes not only have an optical function and make our eyes beautiful and expressive, they also have a functional purpose. The lashes of the upper and lower eyelids prevent dirt from getting onto the eye when the eyes are closed and stop the tear fluid from evaporating too quickly. Lashes and eyebrows also protect the eye from the sun and ensure that sweat does not get into the eye.

The lifespan of eyelashes and brow hair in humans is around 100 to 150 days. Eyelashes go through the classic hair growth cycle and are constantly renewing themselves.

Like scalp hair, eyelashes grow back and the newly growing hair ensures that the old hair falls out. This process means that approximately 3-6 eyelashes fall out in their natural life cycle every day. A fallen eyelash then goes through the eyelash growth cycle and has completely grown back after 3-4 months.

Short or thin eyelashes occur when the older lashes fall out prematurely and new hair does not have enough time to grow and reach the surface. This is where the eyelash serum comes into play.

The application of an eyelash serum helps

  • for very thin eyelashes.
  • when your natural eyelashes don’t get too long.
  • if your natural eyelashes are not thick enough.
  • if your natural eyelashes fall out quickly.
  • if your eyes are too sensitive for mascara.
  • if you want to enhance the effect of mascara.
  • if you’ve done an eyelash lift or want to do one.
  • if there are gaps in your brows or they are too thin.


TIP: Take off your make-up carefully!

The best eyelash serum is of little use if you don’t take care of your eyelashes properly. Careful make-up removal in the evening is the basic rule no. 1. To allow your lashes to regenerate and grow, be sure to remove mascara and makeup around the eyes at night. Mascara makes your lashes heavy and stiff and can cause your lashes to break off or fall out faster. The result: eyelashes that appear thinner and less wavy.

Usually, eyelashes can grow up to twelve millimeters long. In most cases, however, they do not reach this length. Often the make-up removal routine is to blame. The following applies: Be careful and try to avoid excessive rubbing in the eye area. It is better to stroke your eyelid very gently with a lint-free cotton pad from the inside out in downward motions.


How does an eyelash serum work?

Unlike mascara, eyelash extensions or eyelash lifts, which work on the surface and target the existing lashes. Eyelash serums work on the hair roots, i.e. under the skin.

Treat the serum like a liquid eyeliner to the skin on the upper and lower lash line and eyebrows. Starting with the inner corner of the eye or eyebrow, move the serum to the outer corner and allow it to dry. The active ingredients penetrate deep into the hair follicles and promote hair growth at the origin. The ingredients, especially biotin and some peptides in our My Lash & Brow serum, have a positive effect on the growth phase of eyelash hair and ensure longer life of the hair. The eyelashes are cared for from the inside out to prevent lash loss.

We are sure your hair gets cared for with shampoo, conditioner & co. Give your eyelashes the same attention!

The vegan-certified eyelash serum from TEMT – My Lash & Brow

The vegan, cruelty-free Lash & Brow enhancement serum shows results in 4-6 weeks. Here are 4 of the magical ingredients that will make your long-awaited eyelash dreams come true:

  • Capixyl – a highly innovative complex of a biomimetic signal peptide and red clover extract – rich in Biochanin A, preventing the hair cycle to shorten and hair follicle miniaturization.
  • SymPeptideXLash: penetrates deeply and quickly into the hair follicle and supports the production of keratin, one of the main components of hair.
  • AnaGain – an organic pea sprout extract – helps to rebalance the hair life cycle. Stimulates the hair growth at the root and prolongs the life cycle of hair.
  • Prohairin-ß4: stimulates cell growth and promotes hair growth by activating the stem cells of the hair follicle.

My Lash & Brow – the before / after effect

Some of our TEMT Family members have tested the My Lash & Brow serum for the last 5-6 weeks and shared before and after photos and some of their personal experiences with us.

Esra – TEMT Family member – already has beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows. Nevertheless, her expectations of the My Lash & Brow Serum were very high.

Before the test, she told us the following:

“My expectations of the product are that my lash line will be thicker. I also expect my eyebrows to grow more regularly, to become thicker, especially the inner side (my brows hardly grow there).”

After about 5 weeks of use, she describes the results as follows:

“I think that you can actually see a difference. I think that my eyebrows have also become fuller on the inside. But the eyelashes have definitely become longer.”

Eyelash serum – the right application makes the difference

Correct application is particularly important so that the eyelash serum can really stimulate eyelash growth.

Follow our 3 step application for best results:

Step 1

Before you use the eyelash serum, the eyes should be optimally cleansed. Carefully but gently remove any makeup or skincare product residue. These can prevent the serum from being absorbed properly and from being able to work efficiently.

Step 2

Apply the serum close to the lash line. Our My Lash & Brow serum includes a thin eye-liner brush with which you can apply a line close to the lid over the lash line – just like you would apply an eyeliner. Tip: Feel free to apply the serum to the lower lash line as well as to the eyebrows.

Step 3

Make sure to let the serum dry before you continue with your mascara or eye make-up application.

With the My Lash & Brow serum, eyelash extensions and mascara are so yesterday!

Can I use My Lash & Brow eyelash serum during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

The effect of eyelash serums occurs externally on the eyelashes and the hair roots of the eyelashes. The contact with the tear fluid is minimal. Nevertheless, as with all cosmetic products, it is better to use them after consulting a doctor and to adapt them to your individual situation.

“Oh, I would love to have longer eyelashes and thicker brows just like you!”

Then make sure to try our My Lash & Brow serum now!

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Vegan, cruelty-free natural lash enhancement serum.


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