International Women’s Day 2022 – 5 Female Viennese Artists You Should Know

On March 8th we celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD). Under the motto #BreakTheBias, we take the opportunity to highlight the achievements of women in a variety of fields, from culture to politics. A special opportunity to act, improve opportunities and shape a world without prejudice for the good of all.

Our heart at TEMT not only beats for cosmetics, but also for the Austrian art and design world. Have you seen our All Winter Care cream in the wintery design of the famous Austrian painter Alfons Walde? 

In this blog post we would like to introduce you to 5 of our favourite female Viennese artists who enrich the streets and art galleries of Vienna. Make sure to read until the end of this blog post and take part in our International Women’s Day giveaway.

What is the role of women in art?

Dr. Eva Daxl, a freelance author in the field of art and culture, writes in her article “Only a woman?“:

“The history of art was first and foremost a history of (white) men.”

In the past, women were either not to be found in the art world at all or represented only as muses and as nude models. Today, in our side of the world, women can study any subject, choose any job and practice it. At various universities, the same number of women and men are now studying artistic subjects. However, the situation after studying art is still different. It is mainly men who are found in top positions in museums, as curators or as sponsors.

So it’s high time to put the spotlight on some highly talented young Viennese artists. Don’t you agree? We’ll tell you who the women behind our favourite art pieces are! 

These 5 Viennese Artists you should know:

1. Kinga Jakabff @kingas.grapes

Kinga Jakabffy aka Kingas Grapes, born in Bad Ischl, lives and works as a freelance artist in Vienna. Most of her paintings draw attention to the fight for equality with the depiction of naked women, non-binary and transgender people in confident poses. 

“My work serves me to question my own female identity”

Kinga Jakabffy interviewed by Talkaccino 

2. Nadine Werjant @Nadinewerjant

Many SuperCycle members may already be familiar with the Viennese graphic designer and illustrator Nadine Werjant, because one of her latest works adorns the new SuperCycle Studio in downtown Vienna. We absolutely love her wall design and are happy to have a regular look at it now. 

She says the following about her paintings:

“My designs have quirks and strong characters. They tell stories with wild gestures.” 

3. Petra Holländer @petra.hollaender

The young Viennese artist Petra Holländer is strongly committed to body positivity which she also reflects in her work. She combines playful shapes, fun characters and bright colours in charming illustrations that we can’t get enough of. She is currently sharing a 100-day art project on her Instagram account. Be sure to stop by if you’re looking for new inspiration. 

4. Ms. Isa @frauisa

Vienna, like no other place, has a huge array of talented female street art artists expressing themselves on the walls of the city. So does our fourth artist, who you should definitely check out. We find her paintings again and again in the streets of Vienna. 

The works of Isa Toman aka Ms. Isa, illustrator and street artist radiate warmth and positivity. Exactly what we are looking for in this turbulent world.

“I’m trying to motivate other girls as much as I can to show that it’s possible to be a recognized artist.”

Ms. Isa in an interview with Alex from 

Would you like to learn more about the Viennese street art scene and its up-and-coming artists? Then we recommend the article by Vienna Wuerstelstand packed with some exciting personal statements from the talented women who make our beautiful city even more beautiful every day. 

5. Maruša Sagadin

The artist and sculptor Maruša Sagadin, born in Ljubljana, lives and works in Vienna. One aspect that is particularly important to her when it comes to gender is visibility. She looks for content that breaks with the “mainstream” or shows the “mainstream” in a different light. You can find out more exciting insights behind the scenes of her art in an interview with Alexandra-Maria Toth for Collectors Agenda

Our tip: You can currently admire her works at MAK (Museum for Applied Arts) in Vienna. Her work on display examines architecture in the context of sculpture, language and gender. Her installations and objects refer to elements of pop and subculture. Very worth seeing and the perfect weekend activity.

At TEMT we want to promote women’s empowerment. We are all pleased that more and more female artists are presenting their works, gaining attention and shaping our cityscape. Merci!

Reveal your favourite female artists in the comments below. Maybe you have a tip of a street art work in Vienna that we should definitely check out? We are looking forward to your feedback. 

Happy International Women’s Day!

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