The ABC of Vitamins for Healthier Skin

Vitamins are essential for the health of your skin.

A healthy and balanced diet is important to supply your skin with all the nutrients from within. In addition, vitamin-rich skincare products ensure from the outside that your complexion appears healthy and radiant.

In this blog post, we answer all questions about the most important vitamins for skin health. How does our diet affect our skin? What are the effects of different vitamins in skincare products? Which vitamins do the TEMT products contain?

Make sure that your skin is optimally cared for, from the inside and out. Reading more is worth it.

Vitamin A – Retinol – The vitamin for wrinkle reduction

What is the effect of vitamin A on the skin?

Retinol (vitamin A) helps to renew the core of the skin. It promotes the formation of new collagen and improves the elasticity of the skin. The vitamin also has an antioxidant effect and protects the skin from free radicals. In addition, vitamin A reduces sebum production and has an exfoliating effect on the top layer of the skin.

The effect: the skin feels firm, fresh and supple again. Signs of aging are reduced.

Which TEMT products contain vitamin A?

We use vitamin A in our ME TIME Cleansing Sheet Mask, which, in addition to its cleansing effect, makes it a real fountain of youth. In order to improve the absorption of the vitamin, our experts have also added vitamin E. A real vitamin bomb.

Good to know: The use of vitamin A can make the skin more sensitive to sunlight. So it’s best to use products like our ME TIME Cleansing Sheet Mask in your evening routine and apply a sunscreen product the next morning.

In which nutrients can we find vitamin A?

As we all know and also learned in school, you can find vitamin A from various foods that optimally supply your entire body. Eggs, and yellow, orange and green fruits and vegetables contain a large amount of vitamin A. A warming carrot and sweet potato soup would be a good vitamin supply during this colder season…

Vitamin B – niacinamide

What is the effect of vitamin B on the skin?

The skin needs all the B vitamins to stay healthy and fresh. Vitamin B3 in particular is a powerful vitamin for the skin. It increases the skin’s ability to regenerate as it stimulates the natural production of skin-strengthening ceramides and thus helps the skin to recover from damage. In addition, together with vitamin C, it smoothes fine lines and wrinkles and helps pale skin to glow.

Which TEMT products contain vitamin B?

We use Vitamin B in our C The Difference Serum. Together with vitamins C, E and three different hyaluronic acids, the serum promotes the natural elasticity of the skin and provides intensive moisture.

In which nutrients can we find vitamin B?

Vitamin B3 can be found in non-vegan and non-vegetarian food of animal origin, such as chicken, fish and eggs. But there’s also good news for non-meat lovers, mushrooms, peanuts and peas also contain a lot of this valuable vitamin.

Vitamin C – The most important antioxidant

What is the effect of vitamin C on the skin?

Vitamin C is one of the most important antioxidants in the body and helps protect against free radicals. It ensures that new electrons are produced that help reduce toxins and stimulate collagen production. Vitamin C cannot be produced by the body itself and is therefore an essential part of our diet and skincare.

The effect: Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced. The skin appears firmer and the natural glow is restored.

Which TEMT products contain vitamin C?

You can find vitamin C in our ME TIME Brightening Sheet Mask. If your skin looks pale and longs for a moisture boost, then make sure to try out our vitamin C mask! With every application, the skin appears brighter and is protected against free radicals. The skin feels plump and rejuvenated.

Good to know: Vitamin C is suitable for all skin types and all ages.

In which nutrients can we find vitamin C?

Citrus fruits are probably the vitamin C bombs among foods. A glass of orange or grapefruit juice in the morning is ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA. All vegetable lovers go for spinach, bell peppers or broccoli.

Vitamin D – straight from the sun

Get some sunshine.

Vitamin D cannot be produced by the human body itself. The body needs sunlight to absorb vitamin D. However, too much sun can be very bad for the skin. The same goes for too little. The term “everything in measure” really applies here.

Good sources of vitamin D are fatty fish (e.g. salmon), egg yolks and edible mushrooms. In consultation with your doctor, dietary supplements can also be an alternative to supply your body adequately.

Vitamin E – the beauty vitamin

What is the effect of vitamin E on the skin?

Vitamin E is also known as THE “beauty vitamin”. It is a natural antioxidant made up of vegetable oils like soybean and rapeseed oil. With its important antioxidant power, vitamin E fights the first signs of aging and protects the skin by strengthening its hydrolipid film. By increasing the water retention of our skin, it improves its moisture content and reduces the amplitude of wrinkles.

The effect: the skin is strengthened and appears plumper and softer.

Which TEMT products contain vitamin E?

We use vitamin E in our ME TIME Firming Sheet Mask to replenish the skin’s natural reserves of moisture. A mask with an instant effect that ensures that the skin appears smooth and firm. Visible wrinkles are significantly reduced.

In which nutrients can we find vitamin E?

In order to supply your body with sufficient vitamin E, it is best to include nuts (almonds, walnuts), raspberries, whole grain oats or vegetable oils (sunflower oil, olive oil) in your diet. In order to supply the skin with sufficient vitamin E in particular, targeted use of skincare products is essential.

Vitamins for the skin – care from the inside and outside

Vitamins are essential for the health of our body and our skin. A healthy and nutritious diet plays an important role in this. Vitamin-rich skincare products can also specifically care for the skin. After all, our skin is our largest organ and deserves an extra dose of vitamins.

Our experts have therefore enriched some TEMT products with the most important vitamins for the skin. The ME TIME Sheet masks are real vitamin bombs and should not be missing in your skincare routine. Try our ME TIME Trial Pack, which contains the whole ABC of vitamins.

Treat yourself to your ME TIME moment and give your skin the care it deserves!

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