How to Prevent Dry Winter Skin – 5 Winter Skincare Tips

Your skin feels dry and tense, looks pale and tired? During the cold season, our skin often suffers. Cold winter air combined with dry heat air stresses our skin, dry skin becomes even drier and sensitive skin becomes even more irritated. 

The good news: You don’t have to change your entire skincare routine. For your ideal winter skincare routine, it is often enough to add a product or two that provides extra moisture and intensive care. 

We have summarised our top 5 skincare tips for you in this blog post so that your skin stays healthy during winter.

Winter conditions are pure stress for the skin 

There are three main reasons why our skin feels dry during the winter season and some people even complain about cracked areas or inflammation: 

  • Cold and heated air attacks the skin’s protective barrier

The protective barrier is our outer skin layer, which is like a wall, responsible for storing moisture in the skin and preventing bacteria from penetrating the skin.

  • The sebaceous glands produce less sebum

When temperatures drop below 8° Celsius, the body extremely reduces sebum and fat production. The skin’s protective fatty film is attacked or lost. Water evaporates faster on the skin’s surface and the skin dries out.

  • The skin is less well supplied with blood

The smallest blood vessels contract in freezing temperatures as the body tries to keep heat inside. As a result, the blood and thus the nutrients that are distributed through the blood can no longer be transported sufficiently. Nutrients, minerals and vitamins no longer reach the skin. The result: the skin becomes more sensitive and appears pale and grey. 

5 tips for your winter skincare routine 

What can we do now? In any case, we can build up the protective barrier and thus support the skin to cope well with the cold and the dry heating air. Fight the signs of red, dry or sensitive skin with our 5 skincare tips for winter: 

Tip 1: Drink enough water

The first tip is simple but effective: Make sure to stay hydrated.

Drinking enough is important at any time of the year, even in winter. Alone In winter, our feeling of thirst often changes and we forget to drink enough. The skin reacts to severe dehydration. The tissue is less well supplied with blood and is less elastic. 

Tip 2: Combine different textures and active ingredients

In winter, the skin needs extra care. Just as you can add a warm layer or two to your clothes, it is best to use the onion method when applying your skincare. In winter, we recommend that you combine different active ingredients and textures and apply them one after the other.

One important thing to remember: Apply light water-based textures first, follow up with rich oil-based textures. This will ensure that the lighter textures have a chance to penetrate your skin. 

One of our favorite active ingredients for winter: hyaluronic acid! Whether serum or cream, it is important that the product contains the smallest hyaluronic acid molecules so that the moisture is actually stored in the skin layers. Hyaluronic acid acts like a kind of sponge that binds moisture in the skin. 

Our C The Difference Serum, for example, looks quite inconspicuous, but the contents make it a true miracle serum. Thanks to the triple combination of hyaluronic acid (HAs), the serum covers all layers of the skin and provides intensive moisture. 

If you’re now thinking to yourself: “Triple hyaluronic acid – Excuse me?”, then make sure to read our blog post on the topic “Hyaluronic acid meets vitamin C”. Here, Dominik, our head chemist explains everything you need to know about hyaluronic acid and its effects. 

Tip 3: Extra protection with rich winter creams

Are you planning to be outside in the cold for a long time? Are you planning a skiing holiday in the mountains or a long wintery walk? 

Our tip: reach for rich creams on a water-in-oil basis. Oil-based creams form a kind of thin protective layer on the skin, keeping out the cold and ensuring that moisture does not evaporate excessively. 

Our experts at TEMT developed the A.Walde X TEMT ALL WINTER CARE cream for this winter. With its special formula for the freezing Austrian winter months, it provides optimal care for the skin at icy temperatures and 2000 meters above sea level. This thick, creamy water-in-oil emulsion provides the skin with moisture right down to the deep layers and supports regeneration with its highly active anti-aging ingredients. The vitamin A contained in the cream covers the skin layers, binds moisture and helps the skin to build up its protective barrier. The right cream to complete your winter routine. 

Tip 4: Give your skincare routine a winter update

If you have dry, flaky winter skin, it can be very tempting to reach for rough scrubs. However, so-called mechanical peelings, in which microparticles are used to remove dead skin from the skin, can be counterproductive, especially with sensitive skin. Often not only the old skin is removed, but the new skin layer is injured and the skin dries out more.

Instead, we recommend another power winter ingredient, glycolic acid. This ingredient is also available in our Wash Away Gel Cleanser. Glycolic acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (A.H.A.) and ensures a mild exfoliation without scrubbing. It improves skin elasticity and ensures good moisture penetration of the skin layers. 

Tip 5: Sun protection

Last but not least, we strongly recommend protecting your skin from the sun. When our skin is dry in winter and the protective layer is fragile, the sun’s UV rays can attack the skin even faster. It is also possible to get sunburned in winter, especially when the sun rays are reflected by a white layer of snow. 

That is why sun protection is essential in winter and the final step in your perfect winter skincare routine. 

Take time for yourself, even in winter and consciously incorporate your skincare routine into your everyday life. Do you have more questions about the right skincare in winter? We look forward to your questions in the comments. You can also write to us on Instagram @temt_beauty. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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