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Oily skin occurs when your skin produces too much sebum. The skin is shiny, prone to impurities and blackheads. However, sebum is by no means a bad thing. Your skin needs sebum as natural care. But as the saying goes- everything in moderation!

These TEMT products are perfect for your oily skin.

Our gentle cleansing gel with 2% A.H.A. (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) ensures a mild peeling effect and minimizes visible pores, while sage and chamomile support the skin’s natural moisture production.
The combination of vitamins C, E & B౩ with moisture-storing hyaluronic acid ensures that water is stored in the upper layers of the skin. It also promotes the skin’s natural elasticity.
A lightweight, easy use moisturising serum made to absorb with minimal fuss.


An immediate feel and see serum.


Inspired by deep-sea marine research – this serum recharges the energy reserves of the cells and provides an immediately visible lifting effect. Tara fruit extract, a stable antioxidant, protects the skin from environmental influences.